Erika Meza

Children's Illustrator. Author. Dog Whisperer.



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About me :)

I am a Mexican Migrant: colorful, bubbly, and a taco connoisseur. After studying graphic design back home (and moving house nearly 30 times) I lived in a dungeon with a princess in Paris to attend the Illustration (Image Imprimée) program at ENSAD, which got me addicted to chocolate éclairs and 2 am bike rides by the river.
I now live with a cat in the UK where I work with ink, gouaches and watercolor pencils as an author and illustrator represented in my exploits by Claire Cartey.

Haunting of Hillhouse Vibeeeeees.jpg

"Más sabe el diablo por viejo, que por diablo."

Dicho popular mexicano.



Represented by Claire Cartey of Holroyde Cartey